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Tough on benefits,velvet soft on top pay & tax avoidance

by Michael Meacher.

So Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, cheers us up today by telling us that if a quarter of the annual tax receipts foregone through either avoidance, evasion or uncollected debt were actually levied, it could cut income tax by 2p in the £ (roughly £10bn). It would have been better if he’d said […]

Strikes are not sufficient – we need to win the public argument

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Miliband is reported as saying “the most important thing for the unions is to get the public to understand what their argument is. I don’t think the argument has yet been got across on public sector pensions as to some of the injustices contained in what the government is doing. I think strikes must […]

The government’s not telling even half the truth about pensions

by Michael Meacher.

Danny Alexander’s line on pensions is simple, clear – and wrong. It is this: public sector pensions are ’unaffordable’, out of synch with private pensions, and have to be ‘reformed’. Payments into pension schemes therefore have to be increased – for teachers, medics and local government workers their contributions could double from next April. The […]

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