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Demand, debt mountains and the next crash

by Michael Meacher.

The problem – a very big problem indeed – for capitalism at its present stage is that demand is flat, or falling. That underlying pattern has existed for the past 40 years, since the demand for continent-wide reconstruction after the Second World War gradually petered out in the 1970s. Thereafter the flatness of demand was […]

It’s lack of demand, stupid!

by Michael Meacher.

Even the IMF is now insisting that growth must have priority over continuing austerity, but neither the growth-sayers nor the austerians have yet recognised that the fundamental problem for post-crash capitalism is lack of economic demand. Equity markets have surged in recent weeks, not because the real economy is recovering, but because central banks – the […]

A budget that ignores reality: ideological and macro-economically hollow

by Ann Pettifor.

Since 2009 the economy has struggled to recover from the mire of a slump caused by the banking sector. But each time economic activity quickens, it hits a series of buffers. These buffers are well known , but denied by the Chancellor: a vast overhang of private debt now slowly being de-leveraged; a banking sector […]

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