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1/4 million in Saturday’s rally against austerity: 1 million next time!

by Michael Meacher.

Governments don’t listen to Parliament so long as they have a majority, but they do listen to social movements amassing their forces against them. Saturday’s rally against austerity assembling 250,000 activists is a very good start, and it needs to be followed through with ever bigger demos over the next few months. You can always […]

Why David Aaronovitch is wrong about the anti-austerity demonstration

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What do you do when you give up trying to change the world? There are two options. The first is to fade into private life and spend more time gardening, building a model railway, or indulging whatever other ever-so worthwhile pursuits. The other is to try and make a career as a professional naysayer. It’s […]

Why BBC News ignored the People’s Assembly march

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

By any common sense measure, a large protest ambling through London should be big news. The Graun covered it. Twitter was all over it. And yet, the many thousands who turned out on the People’s Assembly March Against Austerity got nary a mention on BBC News bulletins. All it merited was a postage stamp of an article on the website. And […]

When protests hit the news bulletins, the victim becomes the aggressor

by Sophie T. Rayworth.

Our media portrays a strikingly Orwellian picture of dissent. The images on our TV screens betray only immediate physical violence; memorably, that of students launching themselves at the Treasury in the autumn of 2010. The comparatively marginal violence of the weak, with their makeshift tools that are unable to touch the foundation of even the […]

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