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We must rebuild our Party from the grassroots – by fighting back

by Angela Eagle.

We all recognise we have a mountain to climb to win the 2020 General Election. This will be impossible if we do not inspire, motivate and organise Labour members and supporters in our communities and workplaces. We have to harness the enthusiasm and creative energy of all our new members more effectively than we have […]

Labour must not lose its soul to pragmatism

by Rhea Wolfson.

This week I felt an immense wave of joy and solidarity with our American comrades and the judgment they have just been handed by the US Supreme Court to recognise all marriages as having equal value. It is a beautiful and poignant moment for so many reasons but the one that sticks out for me is the […]

Benn’s Bandwagon – behind the scenes in 1981 deputy leadership campaign (video)

by Jon Lansman.

A really good documentary first shown on 28 April 1981, in the second month of the contest and at the point when it began to dawn on the pundits that Tony Benn was going to come close to winning. Frank Chapple, leader of the hard right electricians union says on camera that if Benn won the TGWU […]

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