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Why haven’t there been riots about endless austerity? That may be about to happen

by Michael Meacher.

One of the most remarkable facts about the British public’s attitude to prolonged austerity is the lack of the kind of open revolt which has been seen in so many other countries. In Greece it has led to the dramatic rise of Syriza under the dynamic leadership of the radical Tsipras who now has a […]

European elections: A rising left amid the far right danger

by Kate Hudson.

If you base your assessment of what’s going on politically in Europe on the BBC coverage of the Euro elections, you’ll be aware of the massive victory of the Front National in France and not too much else. The parallel rise of the far left was under-reported and where it was covered, the preferred terminology […]

Radical left could become third force in EU parliament, polls show

by Tom Gill.

The radical left could become the third force in the European parliament, after the conservatives and social democrats, according to recent polls. Syriza in Greece leads with 26.2 % support, followed by Portugal, Spain and France. With a month to go to the European Parliament elections, polls suggest the Parliamentary Group of the European United Left (GUE – NGL) could increase […]

Germany: Why the Left numerical majority isn’t a political majority

by Tom Gill.

Il Manifesto newspaper interviews Sahra Wagenknecht, deputy leader of Die Linke, on why Merkel did so well in the elections, the failure of the SPD and the prospects of unity on the Left. For Sahra Wagenknecht, deputy leader of Die Linke (‘The Left’), there is no doubt: the weakness of the Social Democratic challenger was […]

Left Unity? No thanks, at least not yet

by Peter Rowlands.

The initiative by Left Unity (LU) to found a new party of the left (NPL) is the most serious attempt to do so for some years, and merits some consideration. I would like to argue that a NPL should not be formed, at least at least not now, as it is unlikely to succeed and […]

Is there a future for the German Left?

by Tom Gill.

Die Linke’s Congress last weekend was an important one. It is election year, with Federal polls due in the autumn. And it has been facing pressure over its position on Europe, with a minority challenging the party’s strong support for the single currency. A six-year old fusion of eastern and western German radicals, Die Linke, […]

Time to break up the Euro

by Oskar Lafontaine.

The European policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel is coming increasingly under pressure. Not only European Commission President Manuel Barroso, but also Enrico Letta, recently asked by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to form the new governnnent, have criticized her austerity policies, which have been dominant in Europe and are leading to disaster. Europe’s leaders have long been at […]

Europe needs a citizens’ revolution, declare Lafontaine and Mélenchon

by Newsdesk.

The following declaration was yesterday issued by Oskar Lafontaine, who has previously been German finance minister, chair of the SPD and co-chair of Die Linke (Left Party), and Jean Luc Mélenchon, the Presidential Candidate for France’s Front du Gauche: We note with dismay the use made of the European Union as a tool of widespread austerity. […]

French radicals to start referendum campaign on ‘Permanent Austerity Treaty’

by Tom Gill.

The radical Front de Gauche (Left Front) is to launch a campaign for a referendum in France against the Fiscal Compact, known by critics as the Permanent Austerity Treaty. Agreed on 2 March 2012 by 25 EU countries, minus Britain and the Czech Republic, the EU Fiscal Compact – a German invention officially known as Treaty […]

Learning from Europe: the future of the British Left

by Michael Meacher.

The most important outcome of the Bradford West by-election is undoubtedly the rejection of the 3 main political parties who secured the support of only 40% of the electors. This increasing disaffection with conventional politics, with the Labour-Tory share of the votes down from 97% in the 1951 election to just 65% in 2010, was […]

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