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It’s time to use evidence not knee-jerks in deciding Britain’s drugs policy

by Diane Abbott.

Last week the House of Commons had an important debate on UK drugs policy. The speeches suggested that, slowly, politicians are inching towards a reform of legislation which more closely resembles the views of the general public and informed scientific opinion. For instance a recent YouGov poll for the Sun Newspaper revealed (to the papers […]

What should the left say about crime?

by Owen Jones.

Being a victim of crime is no fun. My family’s house was burgled repeatedly when I was growing up. On one occasion – when I was 15 – it happened in the early hours when we were all in bed. I remember hearing the clunking noises downstairs and presuming (with some irritation) that my twin […]

Drugs, hypocrisy and the Left

by Jon Lansman.

Two days ago, the Guardian devoted its front page lead to the report by a committee headed by former Government drugs advisor, David Nutt, published in the Lancet, which concluded that “alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the UK by a considerable margin, beating heroin and crack cocaine into second and third place“. The […]

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