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Only Corbynomics can reverse the economic slowdown

by Michael Burke.

The British economy is slowing down. In the 3rd quarter of 2015 the economy had expanded by just 2.3% from the same period in 2014. This measure removes the volatility of erratic quarter to quarter movements in GDP. The most rapid pace of growth in this recovery has been the 3.1% recorded in the 2nd […]

“Butskellism” versus Keynes and Marx

by Michael Burke.

The debate is continuing on the purpose of government borrowing and the role of ‘balanced budgets’ – which was started by John McDonnell’s position of balancing the budget on current expenditure but borrowing for investment. This is not surprising given that economic policy has to be the core of the programme for a Labour government. […]

Labour needs to get rough with the Tories & take them on

by Michael Meacher.

The difference between the two main parties has often been remarked upon. The Tories’ Achilles heel is their Bullingdon Club overweening self-confidence and insufferable arrogance, and Labour’s is its self-effacing humility and timidity. The two party conferences just past illustrate this clearly. The bluster and downright lying by both Osborne and Cameron takes one’s breath […]

Ed Miliband needs to challenge the UKIP surge

by Carl Packman.

At the time of writing (15:47) UKIP has won 78 seats and is averaging 25% of the vote in the wards where it is standing. That is quite something. Not only is it making the Tories look stupid and the Liberal Democrats look irrelevant, it makes Labour look like they haven’t the nous to be […]

The worrying 35 per cent: how can we convince the country?

by Meric Apak.

The problem for me though is that according to a recent YouGov poll, 35% of the public still hold the last Labour Government solely responsible for the cuts, 27% the current Government and 28% both.

Regeneration destroys the big society

by Carl Packman.

Nothing kills a town quite like a regeneration. Seldom are regeneration measures designed to benefit the community and are normally the result of backdoor discussions between big business and local authority apparatchiks. Think I’m being too harsh or conspiratorial?

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