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Unite offers Miliband an olive branch, with clear red lines

by Jon Lansman.

The executive council of Unite the Union yesterday offered Ed Miliband a compromise in his efforts to “mend the link” between Labour and the trade unions, but also set out the red lines which it is not prepared to cross. In a unanimous decision, it welcomed “any measures which increase the involvement of individual trade […]

It’s Labour’s executive being sidelined in party management shenanigans

by Jon Lansman.

Spencer Livermore, who started work yesterday, may be a very decent person and turn out to be a first class election supremo for Labour, but the manner and circumstances of his appointment were disastrous for good governance in the Labour party, and an insult to the party’s elected national executive, as well as to its […]

How many million votes for socialism?

by Miguel Costa Matos.

When one of us suggests that the Labour Party should be more resolute and radical in its policy proposals, it doesn’t take long for detractors to start crying ‘8 million votes for Socialism’, in a clear reference to the 1983 general election defeat. Their whine seeks to identify those of us on the Left of […]

Miliband returns to Labour’s roots – brilliantly

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Miliband didn’t need the latest Guardian/ICM poll to tell him Labour is 8 points clear of the Tories in the latest poll., nor the YouGov poll showing that among the crucial ‘squeezed middle’ quarter of the population Labour is now 19% clear (when in 2010 both parties were level with this group). His gut […]

Milibandism: Politics and Expediency

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s a truism of politics that a cabinet or shadow cabinet reshuffle does not necessarily mean a change in political direction. And that much is true of the first statements of intent from new appointees Rachel Reeves and Tristram Hunt. You don’t need me to tell you that Rachel’s intent to “be tough” on joblessness, and Tristram’s pledge to […]

Ed Miliband shifts Leftwards at conference but Rightwards in the PLP

by Michael Meacher.

What sort of party does Miliband really want? The signs are confused because his radical stance at conference in taking on corporate power has now just two weeks later been followed by a distinct turn to the right in the reshuffle. How a programme of transforming capitalism is to be carried through by a Labour […]

Ed Miliband’s Canny Speech

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Our friends in the post below didn’t like Ed Miliband’s speech because they’re scared. They’re scared because for over a generation their party has not had to face a serious, social democratic challenge. A bit like a company management that hasn’t seen strike action for a very long period of time and all of a […]

Ed Miliband is re-aligning Labour towards its true role

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday was arguably the best speech a Labour Leader has ever delivered to Conference – certainly in my lengthy political lifetime. Not only delivered with a Leader’s assurance about himself and his goals, what shone through was his obvious empathy with ordinary people and their plight and his telling use of his […]

On Ed Miliband’s “weakness”

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Riddle me this. There is a man who ducks every serious fight, is running scared of backbench rebellions and right royally screwed up a pivotal moment of his political career at the very moment the world was watching. There is another man who launched himself into the front rank of politics by disregarding the ambition […]

Individual trade unionists are being offered no influence. Just like party members

by Jon Lansman.

At the end of Ed’s speech at this week’s TUC, most delegates clapped politely, as befits the person they’d prefer to be the next prime minister. But there was no enthusiasm. Trade union delegates feel misunderstood and unwanted. and it is not surprising. Ed talked of a “new relationship with individual trade union members“. That desire […]

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