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Banning EDL marches? Or being careful what you wish for

by Owen Jones.

If you were a genuine democrat at the turn of 1937, you would have been scared. Fascism was on the march across Europe. Italy had fallen first; German Nazism had shut down the world’s greatest labour movement virtually overnight and was upping the persecution of the Jews; and a fascist-backed military coup against Spain’s left-leaning […]

Cameron – the demagogue

by Michael Meacher.

For a speech on such sensitive issues – segregation, Islam, terrorism, Britishness, multiculturalism – Cameron’s speech at Munich was like throwing a grenade into the system. Devoid of new policy, by its timing it gave succour to the EDL marching through Luton. It sid nothing new, but was designed to play to the anti-Muslim gallery […]

Ban the EDL from Luton

by Andy Newman.

Luton MP Kelvin Hopkins, anti-racist activists and faith representatives are calling for a ban on the demonstration planned by the English Defence League (EDL) for Luton this weekend, which is being promoted as their ‘homecoming’. Evidence from previous EDL events is clear; wherever the EDL mobilises, Mosques and other place of worship have been attacked, with […]

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