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A Marriage of Convenience?

by Nyta Mann.

click for photo credit Conservative leader David Cameron waxed lyrical about coalition and partnership at his joint press conference with Nick Clegg yesterday. But this is strictly a marriage of convenience. Labour + Liberal Democrats could have made very good sense – but those Labour MPs who emerged to decry any form of coalition with […]

On Liberal coalition narratives

by Dave Semple.

So the Lib-Dems have not only put a Conservative government into office, they’ve gone into coalition. Clegg is to be Deputy Prime Minister and Cable may end up as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. What’s evident is how all the holier-than-thou Lib-Dems are getting to sleep at night, however: blaming Labour for the whole thing. […]

Coalitions – and closed doors

by Jon Lansman.

So here we have it, what so many of you are longing for: Small groups of politicians meeting behind closed doors. Day after day. Endless speculation on The News, but no news. Days going by.

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