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As Syriza win on an anti-austerity platform in Greece, Labour MPs seek a change in direction here

by Jon Lansman.

As Syriza wins a remarkable victory in Greece on a platform of ending austerity and greater state intervention in the economy, fifteen Labour MPs have today expressed concerns about elements of Labour’s policy agenda, and proposed a change of course in three key areas. They have issued a statement calling for an alternative to austerity, for public […]

The on-demand economy is an even greater threat than zero hours contracts

by Michael Meacher.

Much of the debate about the fast-growing on-demand economy has centred around Uber. Their drivers get paid only when they work and are responsible for their own pensions and health care. Risks borne by companies are being pushed back on to individuals, and this has huge implications for the organisation of work, the potential insecurity […]

The scandal over City Link shows private equity at its worst

by Michael Meacher.

Jon Moulton, long-time Tory party donor till 2012 when he absconded to UKIP, owner of the private equity company Better Capital (sic!) that controls City Link, perfectly portrays how capitalists like him, when the going gets rough, abandon all sense of responsibility towards the 2,760 workers losing their jobs because of his managerial incompetence, transfer […]

The trade union story the papers won’t cover

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Many thanks to Johanna Baxter for using her report back of July’s Labour NEC meeting to remind her readers what’s coming on the 29th of this month. I can’t imagine The Sun or the Daily Mail will be criticising this direct attack on the interests of the overwhelming majority of their readers.

Employment Rights must be a core issue for Labour

by Andy Newman.

At last year’s Labour Party conference, GMB General Secretary, Paul Kenny, was correct to highlight employment rights in his speech, and to demand that it features prominently in the party’s manifesto for the general election. The case for employment rights is not special pleading by the unions, it is a fundamental requirement for a just […]

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