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Privatisation debate: long-term market share v get-rich-quick barrow-boys

by Michael Meacher.

The Tories have always boasted that privatisation of major industries has been good for the economy and good for Britain. A rain-check on the history of Thatcher’s mass programme of privatisation now suggests otherwise. Who thinks the privatisation of energy, or of water, or of telecoms (or of the Post Office) has been a roaring […]

As Tories privatise the post, Labour must expose where the market has failed

by Michael Meacher.

The imminent privatisation of Royal Mail once again draws attention to the deficiencies and failures of private markets. It is going to cost the country £12bn as the deficit on the Royal Mail pension fund is dumped on taxpayers. The underpricing of the sale will also cost the country at least a further £1bn, the […]

Energy bill fails on both counts

by Michael Meacher.

The long-awaited Energy Bill, the subject of the worst in-fighting within the Coalition, is to be unveiled finally in this next week – barring further disruptions to the temporary ceasefire. There are two central issues that matter in this Bill. Will it enable Britain to de-carbonise the electricity supply sector by 2030, without which we […]

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