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Why are the Right endorsing Liz Kendall?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Why are the Right endorsing Liz Kendall? I’m not talking about the right of the Labour Party, but the proper right. People like The Sun. People like “helpful” Tories telling any hack who cares to listen that she is the candidate they most fear. People like heads of business who like what she has to say about deficit […]

The state should rid itself of its turbulent church

by Jon Lansman.

Equality and religous freedom. Two fundamental rights, belief in which we share, at least in principle, with the Tory party. Maria Miller, Culture Secretary and minister for equalities, may well have our sympathy, then, in urging the Church of England to think again on women bishops. Some MPs, of all major parties, led by former […]

Blairites party with Murdochs, 24 hours before Milly Dowler story broke

by Jon Lansman.

After Ed Miliband’s most successful week as Labour leader in which his bold and forceful stance against corrupt and depraved practices has brought the Murdoch empire to its knees, the Blairites, always too fond of fraternising with the rich and famous, have put those efforts in jeopardy. According to the Mail on Sunday, only 24 […]

Who governs?

by Owen Jones.

I’ll be honest. A couple of weeks ago, I was in utter despair with Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour Party. I bet many of you reading this were, too. He was stuck on repeat (literally) attacking public sector workers driven to strike by the government, leaving it to PCS leader Mark Serwotka and the BBC’s […]

The establishment after its own

by Michael Meacher.

Lord Hanningfield, the Tory peer, was jailed yesterday for 9 months for falsely claiming £13,379 for overnight stays in London when he wasn’t in London at all, and on one occasion was actually on a flight to India. The judge excused the lightness of his sentence on the grounds that his mental health had suffered […]

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