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The cost of Frau Merkel

by Michael Meacher.

There are basically two ways to resolve the Euro conundrum. One is the provision of Eurobonds, jointly provided by all the Eurozone members, to underwrite the debts of those Euro countries that get into big trouble through lack of competitiveness or for any other reason. The problem with this is that the Germans, now in […]

Tobin Tax: not quite the Fourth Reich

by David Osler.

I suppose it is a short step from accusing both Gordon Brown and David Cameron of wanting to ‘Sovietise’ Britain to proclaiming Angela Merkel guilty of stealing pages from the Hitler playbook. But it is analysis and insight of precisely this calibre, nuance and measured tone that has made rightwing commentator Simon Heffer the intellectual power […]

A New Deal for Greece, and for Europe?

by Michael Meacher.

Though many in the financial markets now think a Greek default is inevitable, a new proposal which might avoid the mayhem of such a scenario is gaining considerable traction. It involves the conversion of a share of national debt to EU bonds. The decision on such a conversion need not be unanimous, since it could […]

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