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Why is the extreme right on the rise in Europe?

by Tom Gill.

The European Parliament is preparing to welcome the most powerful extreme right that the Old Continent has seen since the 1930s. Ignacio Ramonet discusses the factors behind this disturbing political development in a translation by Tom Gill from the French original. One thing is certain: the European elections in late May will result in an overall rise of […]

Ed Miliband’s brave decisions: Europe is the latest

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Miliband is constantly under-estimated. He is not as charismatic as Blair, but he is principled in a way that Blair was not, and in politics that is priceless. He is also brave while Blair was not. Blair opted to define himself by taking on his own party and by deferentially siding with those with […]

Ed Miliband on Europe

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Ed Miliband’s One Nation in Europe speech this week at the CBI conference formally marks an interesting shift in Labour Party positioning on the EU. I say interesting because for too long Labour has ceded this political ground to the right. Defending the EU as is may have attraction for some, but having little to nothing […]

Not much grand about this EU bargain

by Michael Meacher.

The praeternatural calm that has descended on the financial markets after Merkel-Sarkozy declared a ‘comprehensive’ bargain on Monday is unlikely to survive the Friday summit as the details sink in about what is involved, and even more about what is left out. Meanwhile back in Britain there is sound and fury from the Tory Right […]

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