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Academies good, other schools bad

by Conrad Landin.

When they’re not running a bout of self-justification on why the latest writer has had no choice but to use private schools, you can count on the Evening Standard to run a puff piece vindicating the “trailblazing” Mr Gove for his agenda of private-sector involvement in state education.

The best of 2012: our coverage of the ins and outs of Labour politics

by Newsdesk.

It’s been a fantastic year for Left Futures – more visitors than ever, many new contributors, and a lively debate in the comment section. But as a grassroots community, we are only as strong as our readers – so thanks for returning to the site again and again! So, a Happy New Year to all […]

BBC-bashing: fashionable, but at our peril

by Lucy Reese.

One of my least favourite newspapers has to be London’s Evening Standard, also known as the Evening Boris, because of it’s slavish devotion to our ‘Mayor’. It used to be the sister paper of the Daily Mail until it was sold to an oligarch. The only thing that can be said in its favour is […]

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