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Andrew Fisher on Trade Unions: Wrong, wrong, wrong

by Andy Newman.

It is hard to imagine a more ill-judged intervention into the debates about the public sector pensions dispute than that of Andrew Fisher, joint secretary of the Labour Representation Committee, and I was therefore surprised to see it reproduced at Left Futures, and praised by Gregor Gall, who is usually an astute commentator on trade union affairs.

The LRC: Preparing for the battles to come….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Slightly over 100 comrades gathered for the Labour Representation Committee conference on the 15th of January. In terms of size this was a much smaller number than those who gathered for the Fabian Conference on the same day. However, in-terms of significance it would be wrong to underestimate the LRC.

He’s paid £107k for attacking firefighters but he can’t turn up for critical meetings

by Jon Lansman.

Brian Coleman is the Tory politician who runs London’s Fire Service. He is paid over £107,000 for being a London politician, more than three times the £33,000 average wage of a London firefighter, yet he still fails to turn up for negotiations when he has agreed to do so on TV News. Perhaps her couldn’t […]

Violence against pickets in London fire dispute

by Andy Newman.

Yesterday, at an incident in Croydon,  a Fire Brigades manager was arrested for running over a picket. Today, London Daily News has details of two more violent incidents, including a serious case in Southwark, where firefighter. Ian Leahair, was run over, seemingly deliberately:

The firefighters deserve our support

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday, a political row broke out because London’s 5,600 firefighters announced they would escalate their strike action unless the London Fire Brigade withdrew letters sacking all of them. The union decided to call its London members out on strike from 10 am on November 5 to 9 am on November 7. Speaking on the Today programme, General […]

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