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Union calls on Irish Labour to lead opposition

by Jon Lansman.

Coalition talks are about to take place between Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party on forming a government, as counting continues to allocate the last remaining seats following the Irish general election. However, the Unite trade union has called on the Irish Labour Party to resist the lure of coalition with Fine Gael, and […]

Irish Labour’s desperate gamble

by Andy Newman.

As Fine Gael is set to form the next government of the Irish Republic, it is tempting to see the General Election as following the typical pattern of politics in the 26 counties, with power alternating between two conservative parties; Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. But the voting figures show a more complex pattern, with a drop […]

What are Sinn Fein’s prospects?

by Andy Newman.

I have been criticised by commenters at Left Futures, here and here, for saying that Fine Gail and Labour had effectively colluded in allowing the outgoing Fianna Fail government the opportunity to pass its budget. My critics point out that Labour and Fine Gail both voted against the Finance Bill. However, although they voted against, they did allow the Finance Bill […]

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