The Mirror front page hit a nerve. Bring on the distraction

BlSqhbvIUAAJJ0N.jpg-largeThe front page of yesterday’s Daily Mirror (left) made for graphic viewing. Its simple message about the injustice of Britain’s reliance on food banks – and the ease with which it could be shared on social media – made it an effective campaigning tool for “digital Bennites”. But within hours, the backlash had begun. Twitter was awash with right-wingers and plenty who should have known better expressing their own indignation. Apparently the use of a stock photo from Getty Images  – something plenty of papers use every day – is more of an outrage than the fact that one million food parcels have been handed out. Continue reading

Hungry Britain or benefit scroungers – your tabloid choice

TabloidsThe Mirror and the Express this morning illustrate the shameful divide in media attitudes to inequality in Britain. The Mirror asks why the sixth richest country in the world with more millionaires than ever has handed out a million food parcels this year.

Widespread hunger is not news for the Express. It expresses its outrage over the latest “get pregnant for benefits” allegation.

It’s going to be a very nasty year running up to the general election!