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The fight against fracking continues

by Caroline Lucas.

Balcombe, one of the first places in the UK to be earmarked as a potential fracking site, has been the new frontline in a major struggle over the search and exploitation of yet more fossil fuels – and with mounting evidence of the urgent need to tackle climate change, the stakes could hardly be higher. […]

George (fracking) Osborne may be in for a big shock in 2014

by Michael Meacher.

Significant doubts are now emerging in many key areas about the real benefits of fracking. Two months ago Peter Voser made public that his biggest regret as boss of Shell was the $24bn his firm invested in North America’s shale beds. Over the months before it had caused his company to take a big write-down […]

Fracking agenda in the UK exposes hypocrisy of Tory Manifesto

by Jack Stuchbury.

Fracking is the process of extracting gas or oil by fracturing rock with a pressurised liquid that typically consists of a mix of water, sand and chemicals. The sand holds open the shattered rock in order to make the gas or oil easier to extract. This process is being pushed by Energy Companies and Government […]

Fracking is the future for the world’s energy? No thanks!

by Michael Meacher.

The International Energy Agency estimates that within 20 years as much as 40% of the world’s gas might be ‘unconventional’, of which by far the greatest part will be shale gas. The current estimate is that there may be about 200 trillion cubic metres (Tcm) of technically recoverable (as opposed to economically recoverable) shale gas […]

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