Watch: an idiot’s guide to free speech

This emerged from a Twitter spat on the subject of the Stop the War Coalition conference, from which Owen Jones announced he would withdraw if Syrian nun Mother Agnes remained on the platform. But it is essential viewing also for anyone who contends that fascists should be given a platform on grounds of ‘free speech’. Follow Steve Doran, who presents an understandable and compelling case, on Twitter here

Socialism and blasphemy: all authority should be ridiculed

Violent protests have spread across the Middle East and North Africa in response to an anti-Islamic film, The Innocence of Muslims, that was posted on YouTube.

To call the film a piece of third-rate dross would be too lenient. Aesthetically the film is patently awful, and features a cast who can’t act and a set that jumps and bumps around the screen when it most definitely shouldn’t. Continue reading