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Full employment must be at the top of Labour’s 2015 agenda

by Tom King.

Austerity continues to ruin economies across Europe; the EU’s unemployment rate has hit a record high of 11%, France has been plunged back into recession and Britain has narrowly avoided a similar fate. Even Germany’s economy only grew by 0.1% in the last quarter.  Despite the OECD’s recent downgrade of its growth forecast for the UK economy this year and next,Osborne […]

On “tough decisions” (aka “austerity”)

by Bryan Gould.

Last week’s YouGov poll, commissioned and published by Progress, showed that, while Labour was accepted as the “nice” party, the Tories were seen as more ready to take the “tough” decisions.  The result was interpreted as an endorsement of the need for such “tough” decisions and therefore as bad news for Ed Miliband and an […]

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