Valentine wish: equal love rights for gay & straight

Our Valentine’s Day wish is for ‘Equal Love‘. We seek love equality. All couples who love each other should be treated equally and without discrimination. This means an end to the twin legal bans on same-sex civil marriages and opposite-sex civil partnerships.

Every couple should have the option of a civil marriage or a civil partnership, as they wish. In a democratic society, we should all be equal before the law. Continue reading

Gay-Muslim unity against hate in Tower Hamlets

I had the opportunity to speak at the East London Gay Pride event on Saturday. Taking to the stage, I made it clear that our LGBT residents are part and parcel of the Tower Hamlets Community. I talked of how important our togetherness, and our unity in diversity, is in our efforts to remain One Tower Hamlets – a community that welcomes people from all walks of life. I expressed my gratitude to all those LGBT residents who had joined me in preventing the English Defence League from holding their racist march through our borough.

As a British Asian, as a British Muslim, I know what it’s like to be part of a minority. But minorities have since the beginning of time been woven into the fabric of this borough – and what makes us special is how we stand together and speak up for one another. It’s a sentiment that leading gay rights activist Peter Tatchell (pictured here) enthusiastically shared. Continue reading