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The Tories won a tactical victory – not an endorsement of austerity

by Mike Hedges.

The general election result was not an endorsement of austerity but was a stunning Tory tactical success. The Tories adopted a policy of defending key marginal seats against Labour and UKIP and attacking in Liberal Democrat seats. The strategy worked and lead to a Tory majority government for the first time since 1992. This was […]

It’s going to be a long five years

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I really didn’t want to be writing this. At the very least I was hoping to have a Kremlinological geek out over possible coalition combinations. But no. The worst came to pass. Not only were the Conservatives the largest party, but contrary to everything I’ve written about them this last two-and-a-half years they scraped the […]

Blairite propaganda that “Miliband paid price for lurch to left” is nonsense

by Michael Meacher.

It’s already being said by the Blairite rump that Labour lost because Ed Miliband took the party to the left. The fact is that the New Labour governments were well to the right of the vast majority of Labour supporters, and clearly needed correction, but let that pass. This last-ditch attempt to re-launch the manifestly […]

Labour will not win until it rejects the politics of austerity

by Mike Phipps.

Irrespective of who succeeds Ed Miliband as leader of the Labour Party, there needs to be a thorough-going discussion about its future strategy. On one side, there will be a new offensive from the remnants of New Labour, claiming it was the radicalism of the 2015 Manifesto that was the cause of Labour’s dire showing. […]

The SNP offered hope, the Tories spread fear and loathing

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

We now know what happened, but why did it happen? How was it that an election campaign characterised by two different approaches, one upbeat, one defeated-looking; one that had momentum and enthusiasm and the other little more than desperate personal attacks, climaxed as it did? The result, which was unexpectedly very bad for Labour, is going to […]

A disaster and a game changer

by Richard Price.

On the face of things, the election defeat is both a disaster and a game changer. After 5 years in which living standards have fallen by 20%, the Tories have still won a majority. Labour’s wipe out in Scotland means we may well see Scottish independence within 5 years, and there’s a serious question mark […]

Labour lost because it failed to challenge the Tory economic narrative

by Michael Meacher.

How does on explain that not one of the 50 or so polls over the last 6 weeks has put either Labour or the Tories outside the range of 260-285 seats, yet at 10pm on election night the BBC issues a shock exit poll which puts the Tories at 316 and Labour at 260? One […]

The Tories have won. Our priority must be to campaign against austerity & inequality

by Jon Lansman.

The result of this election has surprised us all. We expected the defeat in Scotland where we suffered the consequences of Blairism. We failed there to make our overwhelming and explicit priority the defence of the Scottish working class in the face of deindustrialisation, deskilling, growing inequality and poverty, and the attack on public services […]

The general election unspun: the view of a media guerrilla

by John Millington.

John Millington says he feels like a media guerrilla, with limited resources and guile, trying to amplify a small yet vital voice within the mainstream media. Alarm blaring out, birds singing cheerily and the soft tones of John Humphries of R4 fame will soon be filling the room with the news of the day. This is […]

Tory attacks on Labour & SNP legitimacy are dishonest, hypocritical & illegitimate

by Michael Meacher.

It’s clear the Tories don’t believe that in the post-election fracas they and their possible allies can reach the threshold 324 seats to win a majority in Parliament. That’s why they’ve already launched a deceitful campaign of denunciation against the only political forces that can deprive them of their retention of Downing Street – prepare […]

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