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Why did so many pundits get the general election wrong?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What an amazing night. We’d had hints from the YouGov and Survation polls that things were going to be close, but even those who allowed a few meagre rays of hope into their hearts were haunted by the memories of so many times the pollsters were wrong. And not forgetting that a good chunk of […]

Jeremy Corbyn and the Left have been completely vindicated

by James Elliott.

The results of the General Election are in, and they represent a tremendous vindication of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left, who have insisted since he was put on the ballot two years ago that Labour can and would make gains running from the left, and that there is a route to power that doesn’t involve […]

The polls are inconclusive – but they do show a chance of a big upset tomorrow

by James Elliott.

The story of the General Election for the past few weeks has been twofold: the formerly insurmountable image of “Team May” with the Iron Lady 2.0 gradually stumbling from blunder to blunder, while an insurgent Corbyn slowly becoming that ‘people-powered movement’ we have been building for the past two years. That story has been reflected in a series […]

Saving the NHS: What has improved in Labour’s health policy?

by Lara McNeill.

Labour should always be proud of creating the NHS. No less, creating it in “the aftermath of war and national bankruptcy” as our 2017 manifesto states. Labour will always be the party to save the NHS, but in recent elections it has not been able to save the Labour Party. The Conservatives leading hospitals into […]

The IFS: viewing the economy through wrong end of a telescope

by Ann Pettifor.

Government debt should not be measured in pounds; it should be measured in GDPs. When GDP is high, so are tax revenues, and so is the ability of the government to repay. – Prof. Roger Farmer, NIESR, November, 2016, Three Facts about Debt and Deficits Today the Institute for Fiscal Studies produced a review of political […]

Tories want to drive living standards lower. Corbyn wants to end austerity

by Tom O Leary.

This article first appeared on Socialist Economic Bulletin. During the current crisis the UK has experienced the longest-ever recorded fall in living standards. The biggest part of that fall is not the cuts to government spending, even though these have had severe effects. Instead the largest factor contributing to the fall in living standards is the […]

Polls narrow again to cut Conservative lead to just five points

by James Elliott.

Last night the latest YouGov poll cut the Conservative lead from nine points to just five – in the first survey the pollsters have done since the Manchester terrorist attack on Monday night. YouGov put the Conservatives on 43, Labour on 38, with the Lib Dems and UKIP trailing on 10 and 4 respectively. This […]

UKIP launch manifesto calling for zero net migration and burkha bans

by James Elliott.

UKIP launched their general election manifesto yesterday, unveiling a document that ranged from the unusual to the unpleasant. Their main pitch is unsurprisingly around Brexit, with the party returning to its role of yesteryear, acting as outriders to the Conservative party, rather than challengers to their dominance on the political right. With May’s calculated pitch to […]

Election campaigning resumes today and tomorrow

by James Elliott.

General Election campaigning to resume today After the horrific attacks in Manchester on Monday evening, in which 22 people tragically lost their lives, Theresa May announced that General Election campaigning would be suspended. Campaigning will now resume, starting with local campaigning today followed by national campaigning tomorrow. Momentum have organised a series of campaigning sessions, including […]

Theresa May’s Blairite Manifesto

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Chatting to Alex Nunns on the Twitter earlier, he suggested the Conservative (and Unionist) Manifesto was a Blairite document. And he’s entirely right. Not because of the substance of the politics, but because what Theresa May and “her team” are trying to do with it. Looking at the manifesto, if Labour’s was the best manifesto […]

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