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In the shadow of Dame Shirley

by Lucy Reese.

The transformation of London into some kind of theme park for the rich makes me both very sad and very angry. Our country’s economy is so wildly unbalanced that a disproportionate amount of jobs are in London, yet the people who do them cannot afford to live here.

Stop the Tory scam on party funding

by Michael Meacher.

Tomorrow, the Committee on Standards in Public Life will consider accepting the Tory proposal to cap political donations in the range £10,000 to £50,000. This is patently a device designed to hurt Labour disproportionately by putting a low limit on donations from the major unions. Research shows that whilst under the present uncapped arrangements the […]

Labour peers are going up in the world

by Jon Lansman.

There’s always been something a bit embarrassing about Labour peers, like those elderly relatives you try to avoid at a family event. Some of them, of course, have a worthy past, and a few of them work hard and take home less in expenses than they could for a senior political job on their local council. Rather […]

Gerrymandering ahead

by Jon Lansman.

Attention on the Parliamentary Reform bill has primarily focussed on AV and the 55% majority proposed to dissolve parliament prior to the end of a fixed term. Attention should turn to the Tory aim of equalising the size of constituencies.  In fact, that is always an objective of the Boundary Commission, but as Jack Straw […]

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