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How the Tories plan to cut school budgets to fund new grammars

by Naomi Fearon.

The Tories, not content with waging their ideological war on education through the turbocharged privatisation of schools and education in general, have continued to show their true colours through their recent budget announcements. The current ‘Funding Freeze’ on education coupled with the National Funding Formula will see mainstream schools face sweeping cuts of £3bn from […]

Lucy Powell needs to explain if Labour aims to end selection or just to limit it

by David Pavett.

The Secretary of State for Education (Nicky Morgan) has approved the opening of a so-called ‘annexe’ to the Weald of Kent grammar school. The subterfuge of calling the new school for 450 pupils an annexe despite being 10 miles away in Sevenoaks fools no one. Even the Telegraph puts annex in scare quotes: The school […]

Grammar schools do nothing to promote social mobility

by John Bolt.

Last week it was announced that the first new grammar school in a long time is to be opened in Kent. It’s using a loophole in the law by claiming that it’s really an expansion of an existing school – even though they’re nine miles apart. Apparently, in order to prove it’s one school, kids will […]

Ofsted chief exposes grammar school myths, but most are happy with nostalgia

by Conrad Landin.

I cried yes, I would like to see all private schools and grammar schools closed down, and then told the man that sorry, the conversation would have to end, as I wanted to dance to Dusty Springfield. We had been arguing for what felt like half an hour. It had started off on another topic, […]

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