Gramsci: the bits Gove left out

I once drew attention to a passage from a book by Malcolm X, in which the legendary African-American activist demanded black community control of black educational institutions, and jokingly suggested that Michael Gove could use the reference when next speaking in support of free schools.

Now the Tory education secretary has gone one step further, and invoked the name of the great Italian revolutionary socialist Antonio Gramsci in support of coalition education policy. Continue reading

You want to quote Gramsci, Lord Glasman?

There are no two ways to interpret the intentions behind Lord Glasman’s ‘no strategy, no narrative, little energy’ attack on Ed Miliband.

This soundbite was crafted, in both content and timing in a slack news period, to inflict the maximum damage possible on the leader of the opposition.

Instantly following up this overt display with of lese-majesty with a statement insisting that the words had been ‘taken out of context’ and that Lord G is ‘totally supportive of Ed’ only serves to ramp up the hypocrisy meter to overload levels. Continue reading