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I’d never been ashamed for how I look or being proud of who I am – until this month

by Frankie Leach.

I am a 19-year-old woman from Manchester, I’m a student at Manchester Metropolitan University and I’ve been active in Labour Party politics since I was 18, and I must admit while it’s been a bumpy ride, I’ve always managed to keep my head above the water and stick at it. Until this month, I could […]

Tom Watson on Falkirk, and a lesson for Ed

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday’s Sun (£) carried online a recording of Watson talking on stage with comedian Matt Forde about his friend and staff member, Karie Murphy, and Ed Miliband’s judgement on Falkirk. So you don’t have to shell out money to the Murdoch empire, nor waste time visiting the scurrilous website of Mr Guido Fawkes which features what he […]

Defend Ken from Guido’s nonsense

by Darrell Goodliffe.

The election to the post of London’s Mayor in 2012 is an absolutely key election that Labour must win to show it is nationally back on the map. Partly this is to do with symbolism, but it also reflects the goodly number of parliamentary seats up for grabs in London. It is no surprise then […]

How should the left deal with corruption?

by Darrell Goodliffe.

I noticed this quote on Guido Fawkes blog regarding the Dennis MacShane saga: “The Labour leaning blogosphere’s credibility really suffers at times like this from being reluctant to criticise allies.” I don’t know which blogs Guido reads but, speaking for myself, I have never been shy of criticising ‘allies’ and being honest I don’t think […]

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