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Labour must again be a moral crusade or it is nothing

by Bryan Gould.

Nothing more starkly demonstrates the parlous state of the Labour Party than the failure of its leaders (and almost all of its would-be leaders) to resist cuts in benefits that will drive many thousands of the most vulnerable into deeper poverty and despair. No one prepared to look at the evidence can doubt that the […]

The Tories’ Welfare Bill was an attack on those in poverty. Why did only 48 of us vote against it?

by Michael Meacher.

It is extraordinary that the Labour party could have got itself into such a muddle over welfare reform (which is Tory-speak for crippling welfare cutbacks) when Osborne’s sole motive for this bill, which had its second reading today, is to create divisions within Labour and label it as the party of shirkers. The bill is […]

Does the acting Labour leader believe in anything?

by David Pavett.

Harriet Harman’s interview on the Sunday Politics of 12 July, has rapidly and justifiably gained notoriety on social media. It is important that there is a strong reaction from Labour MPs to the interview. The absence of such a reaction would be a very bad omen for Labour. Harman’s line of reasoning can be paraphrased and summarised […]

The Labour right are risking ‘Pasokification’ on their own

by James Elliott.

Harriet Harman’s announcement on the Sunday politics yesterday, that Labour would not be voting against the welfare bill, nor would they oppose child tax credit cuts or the Tories new benefits cap, has rightly drawn condemnation from different sections of the Party, and now both Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham have joined Jeremy Corbyn (who […]

On tax cedits, Harriet Harman has flunked the basics of leadership spectacularly

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The Labour Party is a mass organisation. Under its banner you find all kinds of people harbouring all kinds of views. It could hardly be otherwise, given the roots it has in the labour movement representing the sectional interests of otherwise quite disparate occupational groupings. It is also a party that has to reach beyond […]

Harman pre-empts return to shadow cabinet elections by announcing reshuffle

by Jon Lansman.

Harriet Harman has this morning announced a new Shadow Cabinet team before the first meeting of the new parliamentary party due this evening. She is, of course, entitled to do so according to the rules of the parliamentary party. These were amended four years ago at the request of the then leader, Ed Miliband, to […]

Wanted: A (new) Labour General Secretary

by Mark Seddon.

Labour’s new leader has been in office barely two months, yet this hasn’t stopped a motley collection of ex Ministers, frustrated David Miliband supporters and it would seem some party officials, from moaning in the ear of one Dan Hodges, who last week launched into print in the New Statesman, giving vent to their – […]

Front bench replacements – for Joyce but not for Woolas

by Jon Lansman.

It’s interesting that some gaps on the front bench are filled more quickly than others. Eric Joyce, who resigned following a driving ban three days ago, has been replaced by Stephen Pound. He, in turn, has been replaced as a junior whip by Mark Hendrick. Meanwhile the vacancy for shadow immigration minister remains. Still no […]

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