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Out of thin air – the (alleged) economic case for a third Heathrow runway

by Jeremy Smith.

When I last twice travelled directly to Guangzhou, by China Southern Airline out of Heathrow, the flight was nearly full. But not – by visual impression at least – full of thrusting British entrepreneurs keen to visit the most vibrant economic region of China, thanks to this direct link from Britain’s hub airport. More like […]

Heathrow expansion is wrong on all counts

by Michael Meacher.

The commission headed by Sir Howard Davies, an ex-President of the CBI, has turned out a predictable waste of money. Governments usually set up Commissions of Inquiry, not to solicit seeds of wisdom, but to try to resolve a political impasse. The Davies Commission was one such, it has failed in its purpose, and said […]

Neither men nor mice need a bigger Heathrow

by David Osler.

Let’s not be hypocritical here; like most Londoners who go on holiday, take weekend breaks, and travel for work, I use Heathrow several times a year. But not when I can possibly avoid it, though. I vastly prefer Eurostar for meetings in Brussels and Paris, and as I live only a bus ride from Euston, […]

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