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Free Education means free thought: breaking the grip of ‘tick-box’ Higher Education

by Ollie Hill.

With the abolition of the teaching grant for all non-STEM subjects and reforms to research grants, the whole HE sector is feeling the impacts of the scramble for the remaining cash. The main sources of funding available for most institutions are now tied to sheer student numbers (tuition fees) and a backwards, elitist research funding […]

Labour Students and the cause of free education

by James Elliott.

NUS Conference 2014 was one of the most leftwing conferences in years, passing a string of radical policies of default support for staff strikes, campaigns for a 5:1 pay ratio, a legal fund for victimised student activists and of course, free education. The graduate tax had become a soft compromise option for many in Labour, […]

Asylum seekers: forgotten in our universities

by Calum Sherwood.

While the Coalition government wages war on students and pushes through an market-driven agenda bent on the commodification of education, many young people in Britain today fear that with £9000 fees, university is no longer a right, but a luxury they can ill-afford. In the midst of this degradation of the belief that education is […]

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