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Look and learn from across the Atlantic – the Third Way is over

by David Osland.

Look and learn, not from across the Irish Sea as George Osborne once famously enjoined, but from over the Atlantic. Let even atheists among us pray that Hillary Clinton will secure a narrow victory over Donald Trump in the US presidential race this week. But that proposition looks far from certain; she may yet, God […]

Sanders must keep up his Momentum until the Democratic Party is won for Socialism

by Jon Lansman.

Following the New York primary, Hillary Clinton is “cautious but confident” says yesterday’s New York Times, and is busy picking running mates. Bernie Sanders, who lost by 16%, picking up 106 delegates to Clinton’s 139 is ploughing on. And so he should. Even the New York Times in an editorial agrees: Mr. Sanders has voiced the […]

Hillary Clinton: It’s the politics, stupid

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Time bullshit was called on Hillary Clinton’s cheerleaders. You know what I’m talking about, the avalanche of comment saying that she must win the Democrat nomination for presidency, regardless of her record and views. And to a piece those defences are, at best, willfully clueless, and, at worst, bad faith. Before we go there, let’s […]

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