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Corbyn strikes a rich vein with taxes on the very rich

by Michael Meacher.

Jeremy Corbyn’s latest move – to give reassurance that Labour will campaign to remain in Europe and then, if elected in 2020, reverse from the inside any diminution of workers’ rights which Cameron may have secured – is a smart move when it is linked with pushing through the £50bn financial transactions tax on almost […]

Why isn’t HSBC being prosecuted?

by Michael Meacher.

The differential treatment between those low-paid workers who fraudulently claim benefits and those top bank executives who launder hundreds of millions of pounds for drug cartels or pariah states tells you all you need to know about the class basis of justice in the UK. A person claiming benefits while working can get up to […]

HSBC: Ministers who lie or refuse to tell the truth should be made to strand down

by Michael Meacher.

The lies, mis-statements and blatant evasions over the HSBC Swiss bank are beginning to build up. We were initially told that no Minister had any knowledge of wrongdoing at HSBC Suisse until this last week. This has now been contradicted by several different sources. Lin Homer, the besieged and rather ineffective head of HMRC, told […]

The government are keener to catch whistleblowers than tax avoiders

by Michael Meacher.

The treatment of Osita Mba, the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) solicitor, is a public scandal. It was he who revealed that Dave Hartnett, former head of HMRC, had made a private deal with Goldman Sachs, sealed with a handshake, that let them off payment of interest amounting to at least £10m. This issue of […]

One rule for Goldman Sachs, and one for everyone else

by Michael Meacher.

Praise be to UK Uncut. It’s only due to them that we’re now learning what really lay behind the Blair-Brown policy of ‘light regulation’, now gratefully continued by the Tories, and the world of difference between the treatment of the hyper-rich on the one hand and the defenders of the poorest on the other. The […]

Tax boss Dave Hartnett awarded for “services to tax avoidance”

by Newsdesk.

For he’s a jolly good fellow…

Five-point plan to curb tax cheating by big firms and the super-rich

by Michael Meacher.

My letter on a five-point plan to curb tax cheating by big firms and the super-rich was published in today’s Guardian. For the benefit of Left Futures readers I reproduce it in full here:

Are there ‘sweetheart’ deals between HMRC and big business?

by Michael Meacher.

The victimisation of Osita Mba is upsetting. He is a revenue solicitor at HMRC who worked on the Goldman Sachs case where the latter fought for 5 years in the courts to avoid a tax liability. But when they finally lost, Dave Hartnett, the Revenue permanent secretary, reached a private deal with them in December […]

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