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Why the Tories’ White Paper will do nothing to solve the housing crisis

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Housing is a major sticking point for the Tories. They know it, we know it, and the public know it too. On their watch, first with their LibDem friends and now alone with a majority thinner than a major donor’s tax return, the bottom fell out of the house building figures. Cash strapped councils made poorer by […]

How to tackle London’s housing crisis

by Diane Abbott.

Jeremy Corbyn’s vision to rebuild and transform Britain can both tackle the housing crisis and win for Labour, writes Diane Abbott MP. A study for the charity Shelter this week explained that one in three families in England could not pay their rent or mortgage for more than a month if they lost their job, […]

How vested interests are prolonging the housing crisis

by Nathan Akehurst and Grace Blakeley.

The hurling of paint at the Cereal Killer Café was, when everyone had finished either condemning or cheering it, profoundly depressing. With good reason, no-one likes to be priced out of their town – especially when their replacements are comfortably middle-class, sell cereal and coffee at £4 a pop and indulge in fatuous and expensive pastimes. (With equally good […]

Why we need the Living Rent Campaign

by Alasdair Clark.

In October 2014, The Living Rent Campaign was founded in response to a Scottish Government Consultation on a new tenancy type for the Private Rented Sector (PRS) in Scotland. Put simply, we’re demanding the type of change private tenants in Scotland, and across the UK, have needed for too long now. Security of tenure – […]

Putting people first : Venezuela builds 700,000 new homes

by Matt Willgress.

Despite facing many difficulties, Venezuela’s latest achievements in housing are a timely reminder of why our solidarity with Venezuela remains so important, writes Matt Willgress Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro recently inaugurated the 700,000th house built under a state-led initiative called the Great Housing Mission to provide housing to all Venezuelans, continuing the impressive results of a […]

Economic expansion & jobs, NHS, housing must be Labour’s key themes

by Michael Meacher.

Everyone is saying that Labour now urgently needs two or three key themes which will resonate with the electorate and will be recognised by everyone as the party’s distinctive goals. I believe those three key themes should be (i) reversing austerity by kickstarting the economy and putting a million or more unemployed back to work […]

On the “Connected Nation”: Why Ed Miliband’s speech was on message

by Carl Packman.

There has been a lot of chat about Ed Miliband’s speech this morning on the social media networks by people who have not read through or heard the speech, so now I’ve read through the transcript I feel in a better place to add comment. Firstly, were this really dog whistle politics designed to please […]

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