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From BCCI to Standard Chartered: a brief alternative history of investment banking

by David Osler.

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which collapsed in 1991, was not widely known as the Bank of Crooks and Cocaine International for nothing. True, the Bank of England was a bit sniffy about it, largely on account of its connections to the Middle East, and refused to grant BCCI full banking status. Neverthless, the regulatory authority […]

After Barclays now it’s HSBC: will corruption at the top ever stop?

by Michael Meacher.

HSBC now looks to be heading for the biggest fine ever for Europe’s biggest bank.   It stands accused of failing to properly implement money-laundering controls designed to prevent terrorists and others from using its services to advance their criminal ends. Two facts stand out from this case.   One is that HSBC is a British bank, but […]

Banks get £46bn in “too-big-to-fail” subsidy

by Newsdesk.

As the Vickers Commission prepares to launch their final report on Monday 12 September 2011, analysis by nef (the new economics foundation) quantifies the ‘too-big-too-fail’ subsidy for each of Britain’s ‘big five’ banks for the first time, and argues that the Commission’s proposals are too narrow to be effective.

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