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The “right to free movement”

by David Pavett.

There have been recent signs of a change of tone in the Labour leadership on the question of freedom of movement. Some have opposed any sort of controls but in recent months John McDonnell has spoken of “managed migration” and Keir Starmer has said that when it comes to freedom of movement within the single […]

Tory Trade Union bill is an attack on a fundamental human right

by Michael Meacher.

Under the Tories’ proposed new law, strike ballots would need a 50% turnout for industrial action to be legal. But in the case of ‘essential’ public services – health, education, transport and fire services – 40% of those voting have to have voted in favour. In other words, 80% which is the combination of the […]

The economics of hypocrisy and why the sheikdoms have to go

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Paying close attention to politics you become immune to the dollops of lick spittle and cretinous behaviour that comes with it. Yesterday, however, didn’t only take the biscuit but dribbled great dollops of gob over it. Remember when the Dear Leader died and great numbers of presidents and prime ministers queued up to praise his rancid […]

Tory extremists go for broke over European Court of Human Rights

by Michael Meacher.

It has been said that Grayling’s inveighing against the European Court of Human Rights is to spike UKIP’s guns in denouncing the EU. It is much more likely to be spurred on by another Tory personality trait – the unyielding demand for control to mould everything in their own image: They concede greater devolution to […]

After Gaza, some accounting

by Mike Phipps.

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza may have left the headlines, but only now is the full story of destruction and abuse coming to light. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine has been meeting in emergency session in Brussels, taking evidence on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. It has found evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. […]

Qatar: Concern grows for missing human rights investigators

by John Millington.

Two British human rights campaigners, investigating the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar have gone missing. Ghimire Gundev and Krishna Upadhyaya were last seen on Sunday when they sent panicked texts to colleagues saying they were being followed by police. Speaking to ITV News, the Norwegian charity employing the men said it had yet to receive […]

Fantasy and reality in Guatemala

by Mike Phipps.

On 13 May, the Guatemalan Congress held a vote that can only be described as surreal. They voted to deny that genocide took place during the country’s civil war from 1960-1996, which left 250,00 people, mainly indigenous Mayans, dead or disappeared. The vote was apparently aimed at “national reconciliation”. Actually it was also meant to lessen the […]

Britain’s human rights record: things can only get worse

by Michael Meacher.

The revelation that the US National Security Agency and FBI were enabled in a major international snooping operation to access the systems of 9 of the world’s biggest internet companies and then to share that information with GCHQ, the UK giant eavesdropping and security agency, without ordinary US and British citizens being aware that their […]

Hiding government’s sins and misdemeanours

by Michael Meacher.

The nature of the British state and the government’s contempt for personal freedom come to a head with new laws proposed for the Queen’s Speech next month. It was already known that the government intended to bring forward a law to allow the police and MI5/6, without a warrant, to access data from every phone […]

BA stops pay of pregnant cabin crew

by Jon Lansman.

Just when you thought they could stoop no lower — British Airways management strike again! BA cabin crew, that become pregnant and live too far to travel to Heathrow or Gatwick to perform ground duties, will now be forced to take unpaid leave by the airline. A move by management in recent days will see […]

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