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When the IMF stab you in the back, Mr Osborne, it’s game over

by Michael Meacher.

So even Christine Lagarde, Osborne’s neoliberal capitalist ally now ensconced at the IMF, has turned against him. Even she is now uttering the words that will not escape his lips – words that no Tory MP is permitted to utter – namely that the need for Plan B is now overwhelming. It is now perfectly […]

The Ukrainian goose & Greek gander

by Ann Pettifor.

The following is about the Ukraine, hardly a model of transparency, accountability and democracy. But it is interesting for what it tell us about the thinking of the great imperial powers (GIPs). On the one hand today’s GIPs make a great to-do about the need for democracy, often insisting that it is a condition for […]

A triple whammy on the economy?

by Michael Meacher.

While world attention has been drawn to the deepening Murdoch scandal and the horrors of the Norwegian massacre, an unseen and even more dangerous scenario is taking shape. In the US, EU and UK – for very different reasons in each case – the economy is threatened by a slow-burn economic collapse. In the US […]

Don’t let the Labour Right tell fairy stories about the 1980s

by Andy Newman.

There is a remarkable article on Labour Uncut by Kevin Meagher that perfectly illustrates a mythology which has for some time infected parts of the Labour Party. Kevin writes:

Et tu, Brute

by Michael Meacher.

So even Alastair Darling has turned against Gordon Brown for the IMF job. But what is disturbing about all the jockeying and jostling now going on is the focus on the wrong criteria. This is not a position – ‘the world’s banker’ – to be decided on the basis of personality incompatibilities (Cameron-Brown) or on […]

Osbornomics, cutting fast and deep

by Michael Meacher.

So cutting the deficit more slowly (the Ed Balls prescription) would elongate the agony and produce a decade of debt, according to Slasher.   So on that logic why not do it even faster than the 5 years the Tories have in mind to eliminate the deficit, and reduce the debt overload even more?    What […]

IMF junks Coalition’s neoliberal agenda

by Michael Meacher.

The IMF paper for next next week’s Oslo meeting on the international economy will come as a shock to this Tory-Lib Coalition.   The IMF has always been seen as the enforcer for the neoliberal Washington Consensus, yet here it is now saying: “A recovery in aggregate demand is the single best cure for unemployment”.   It […]

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