Labour needs to confront not appease the UKIP agenda

UKIP+RosetteIn the wake of UKIP’s electoral advance, both at this year’s General Election and last year’s European Parliament election, the Labour Party has come under growing pressure, from inside and outside its own ranks, to adapt to UKIP’s anti-immigrant and English nationalist agenda.

Backed by the right-wing media, the Blue Labour current within the party in particular has stepped up its agitation for further concessions to the framework set by UKIP. This is direction in which John Healy and others are pushing the discussion. Continue reading

Race to the bottom on immigration won’t work

enoch powell & nigel farageThe Tory programme on immigration is set to get the worst of all worlds, with disastrous consequences for Britain over the EU. The Tories now want to restrict benefits to immigrants and to make citizens from future EU member countries wait longer before they are allowed to work in Britain. Now Cameron is going further still with rhetoric about ‘fixing’ immigration to Britain from the EU, and has even floated the idea of an ‘emergency brake’ on immigration beyond a certain level from even existing EU members. Continue reading