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Uncle Sam, what big ears you have!

by Tom Gill.

Translated from the original by François Delapierre We do not know what is more astonishing. The revelations about the spying on the European Union by the United States intelligence services? Or the surprise this causes among EU leaders? It seems that amid the rhetoric of the unity of the “free world” during the Cold War, […]

The massacre that “saved thousands of lives” – a response

by David Osler.

The brutal actions of Germany’s SS in a Czech mining village one day in 1942 have rightly entered the history books as an exemplar of collective punishment, enacted largely to invoke mass terror among the population of an occupied country. In deliberate planned revenge for the earlier assassination of a senior German official, ten truck […]

The Ukrainian goose & Greek gander

by Ann Pettifor.

The following is about the Ukraine, hardly a model of transparency, accountability and democracy. But it is interesting for what it tell us about the thinking of the great imperial powers (GIPs). On the one hand today’s GIPs make a great to-do about the need for democracy, often insisting that it is a condition for […]

Libya: three reasons to curb the euphoria

by Michael Meacher.

Despite the initial euphoria about the downfall of a brutal and erratic autocracy in Libya, three uncomfortable matters emerge from the wreckage – and not just the obvious question of whether the National Transitional Council can bring about the reconciliation for a secure, viable and democratic future for the country. One issue, which should not […]

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