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Child poverty could be Tories’ Achilles heel

by Michael Meacher.

The Tories’ relief that the child poverty figures just published in the official Households Below Average Income (HBAI) statistics didn’t show an increase was palpable.  But that conceals the real story. The Tories have form on this issue. Child poverty tripled under Thatcher from 1 in 9 children to 1 in 3, but then fell […]

Osborne’s tax Trojan horse

by Darrell Goodliffe.

We all know the welfare budget has been one of the main targets of ‘Slasher’ Osborne’s cuts. However, this Budget saw a more insidious threat emerge to the welfare state that Labour, Beveridge and Bevan et al built on the foundations laid, ironically, by the Liberal, David Lloyd George. Under the guise of ‘simplyfying’ the […]

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