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The importance of the debate on the IMF’s ‘multipliers’

by Michael Burke.

It is unusual for ‘academic’ research published by the IMF to find its way into popular media. But this has happened to the latest World Economic Outlook where the IMF deals briefly with the issue of ‘multipliers’ that is, the economic impact of changes in government spending.

IMF revision destroys Osbornomics

by Michael Meacher.

It is incredible the hold that mathematical modelling has over economic policy-making under neoliberal capitalism. This was the arcane and esoteric world that drove the brief ascendancy of toxic derivatives before they crashed and nearly brought down the global economy. More seriously still, these economic wizards who have until recently prided themselves as ‘the masters […]

Are Osborne & co. insane, deluded or just suicidal?

by Michael Meacher.

Et tu, Brute? We have now reached a point where it seems impossible to present a plausible rationale for continuing with the government’s economic strategy (for want of a worse word). Osborne, a nasty piece of work even at the best of times, is now being assailed by all those global or national financial authorities […]

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