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The state of Labour in Ireland

by Neil Warner.

Politics in Ireland seems to be in a peculiar situation these days. While the public mood has , even according to mainstream commentators, been moving to the left in recent years, the Irish Labour Party has been moving determinedly to the right, while dissent and discussion in the party is tolerated less and less. Polls […]

Irish Labour defy voters to help Fine Gael implement Fianna Fail austerity programme

by Andy Newman.

Having ridden to power on the back of Fianna Fail’s unpopularity, the new Irish government is promising more of the same. Buried away as a throwaway line at page 16 of the 64 page coalition agreement it says: We believe it is appropriate, in order to enhance international credibility, to stick to the aggregate adjustment […]

Why doesn’t the Left do better?

by Darrell Goodliffe.

In the wee small hours following the Barnsley Central by-election this question was asked of me on Twitter. It seems a reasonable question. After all, capitalism is in far from in rude health and I suspect there are elements of the story the left tells about it that would find a receptive audience. Tales of […]

Union calls on Irish Labour to lead opposition

by Jon Lansman.

Coalition talks are about to take place between Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party on forming a government, as counting continues to allocate the last remaining seats following the Irish general election. However, the Unite trade union has called on the Irish Labour Party to resist the lure of coalition with Fine Gael, and […]

Irish Labour’s desperate gamble

by Andy Newman.

As Fine Gael is set to form the next government of the Irish Republic, it is tempting to see the General Election as following the typical pattern of politics in the 26 counties, with power alternating between two conservative parties; Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. But the voting figures show a more complex pattern, with a drop […]

LRC comes out against AV, and debates the cuts

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Following on from the Labour Representation Committee (LRC) National Conference I was subsequently elected to represent Leeds LRC on the National Committee. If you’re worried about more potentially disastrous tired guesses about attendance then fear no more, I won’t be making any such guesses this time around. John McDonnell lead off with a political report […]

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