Ben Bradshaw’s links to the Henry Jackson Society make him unfit to be Deputy Leader

BBradshawLast month Labour Deputy Leader-hopeful Caroline Flint was outed as having received donations for her campaign from corporate lobbyists Sovereign Strategy. Vice’s article points out Sovereign’s links to Maximus, the company contracted by the government (replacing ATOS) to carry out Work Capacity Assessments. Despite Flint soundbite calling for Labour to be a ‘grassroots movement – not a Westminster elite’, being in the pocket of corporations and abstaining on parliament’s vote on benefit caps suggests that her opposition to elites is little more than projection. The article is right to raise the question of ‘what influence those funders could have’.

Flint’s corporate sponsorship may conjure up images of smoke-filled backrooms in Westminster, but in this regard it is at the very least matched by another candidate: Ben Bradshaw’s links with the Henry Jackson Society. A neoconservative think-tank, recently exposed for its extraordinary influence within Westminster, the Henry Jackson Society was forced to withdraw its funding for two parliamentary groups ‘after refusing to disclose its donors to the Commons’ standards watchdog’. Continue reading

Shame on the Board of Deputies of British Jews for marring Holocaust day with a false accusation of antisemitism

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has shamed itself and marred International Holocaust Day with a false accusation of antisemitism that does a disservice to the memory of the six million Jews who perished, and indeed to Jews in Britain and elsewhere who face genuine antisemitic attacks.

The Board of Deputies yesterday lodged a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission at a cartoon by Gerald Scarfe in yesterday’s Sunday Times, which it claims:

depicts Benjamin Netanyahu bricking up Palestinians and using blood for mortar, which is shockingly reminiscent of the blood libel imagery more usually found in parts of the virulently antisemitic Arab press (sic – our emphasis). Continue reading