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Weasel words from Douglas Alexander on recognising Palestine

by Jon Lansman.

The good news is that shadow foreign secretary, Douglas Alexander, says at LabourList that “Labour’s consistent support for the principle of recognising Palestinian statehood, as part of continuing steps to achieve a comprehensive negotiated two state solution, is why we will be voting to support the principle of Palestinian statehood when the House of Commons […]

Is your MP voting to recognise Palestine? Here are 17 reasons why they should

by Jon Lansman.

MPs will have a once-in-five-years chance of voting on a vital issue for Palestinians. Easington MP Grahame Morris has secured a full-day debate next Monday (13 October) ending with a vote at 10pm on a motion for the UK to recognise Palestine. No party has whipped its MPs to attend, or back the motion (despite Labour’s declared […]

The state of Palestine

by Grahame Morris.

This summer’s violent assault against the Gaza Strip pushed the Palestinian issue to the top of the political agenda like never before. The latest stage of Israel’s episodic devastation of Gaza — a process Israeli military strategists chillingly refer to as “mowing the lawn” — shocked the world and in doing so woke up millions […]

Gaza: The war for nothing

by Uri Avnery.

After 50 days, the war is over. Hallelujah. On the Israeli side: 71 dead, among them 66 soldiers, 1 child. On the Palestinian side: 2,143 dead, 577 of them children, 263 women, 102 elderly. 11,230 injured. 10,800 buildings destroyed. 8,000 partially destroyed. About 40,000 damaged homes. Among the damaged buildings: 277 schools, 10 hospitals, 70 […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s letter to the PM seeking parliament’s recall over Gaza

by Jon Lansman.

Jeremy Corbyn today revealed he’d written to David Cameron seeking the recall of parliament to discuss the Gaza conflict “in view of the serious violations of international humanitarian law taking place.” The request is especially timely coinciding with the resignation of Sayeeda Warsi who’d said “the government’s approach and language during the current crisis in Gaza is morally indefensible.” […]

Gaza seen through Israeli eyes: two different wars on different planets

by Uri Avnery.

There was this village in England which took great pride in its archery. In every yard there stood a large target board showing the skills of its owner. On one of these boards every single arrow had hit a bull’s eye. A curious visitor asked the owner: how is this possible? The reply: “Simple. First […]

When genocide is permissible?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Never. Well, sometimes. Or at least thinking aloud about it is okay. Why else would The Times of Israel publish such a thing? They may have removed it in short order, but as we know once things get on the internet…. Yochanan Gordon’s execrable screed shits on the memory of his ancestors. I am loathe to bring up […]

Does Israel “cause” antisemitism?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The great German socialist August Bebel once dubbed anti-semitism “the socialism of fools”. This oft-quoted aphorism referred specifically to the conspiracy-mongers of his day for whom capitalism was the front for international jewry. But could it be that anti-semitism is the delusion of the desperate too? This question was raised in the Lords last night. […]

End the slaughter in Gaza

by Gerry Adams.

The scenes of desolation and destruction in Gaza, of whole streets reduced to piles of broken rubble, and the images of torn bodies, especially of young children and babies, demand that the international community do all that we can to end this slaughter. Just before noon on Tuesday morning I spoke to Saeb Erekat in […]

Gaza genocide will only stop if the political & military cost to Israel is too high

by Michael Meacher.

At least 425 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli blitzkrieg on Gaza, including 80 in the last day alone, and nearly 80% of the dead are civilians, 20% of them children. This is the result of launching the world’s fourth military power against 1.8 million Palestinians already blockaded in the largest open-air prison on […]

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