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Italy’s centre-left is dead, long live the Italian Left!

by Tom Gill.

The ‘grand coalition’ between the Democratic Party and Berlusconi’s right-wing People of Liberty party means it’s time to say goodbye to the ‘centre-left’ and hello to a new Italian Left, says Marco Sferini. For the first time after the death of the Christian Democrats and the Italian Communist Party , the bourgeois forces find themselves […]

Grillonomics: the ideas behind the Italy’s no.1 political party

by Tom Gill.

Beppe Grillo and his Five Star Movement have emerged as the single largest party in Italy’s elections held 24-25 February. But what do we know of his policies? Here’s a recent analysis by economist Vladimiro Giacché which originally appeared in Italian at MicroMega. In dealing with the economic programme of the Five Star Movement we should […]

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