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NHS Wales – a Cameron apology is called for

by Tony Beddow.

The Welsh NHS has for weeks been attacked in the Commons by Cameron and Hunt being described as failing and a shambles. Now, on a weekend when the independent Nuffield Trust reported that NHS Wales compares well with the other UK health systems, Cameron compounded the crime by telling the Tory Conference that the Welsh […]

Hunt is running scared of widespread financial collapse across NHS

by Michael Meacher.

Section 119 of the Care Bill currently going through Parliament is a lot more insidious than has been realised. It allows trust special administrators (TSAs) to close down any hospital or A&E with just 40 days’ notice. The doctors and consultants are rightly up in arms about it because, contrary to all the assurances given […]

Hunt’s campaign against 14 trusts is aimed to discredit NHS and ease in privatisation

by Michael Meacher.

Noting where unusually high mortality rates have occurred in certain hospitals is clearly very important, but it is equally important to discover what were the causes of those deaths. That may well tell a very different tale from the commonly assumed one. Basildon & Thurrock Hospital, one of the 14 trusts targeted by Hunt today […]

Tories are handling the women’s vote just nicely

by Michael Meacher.

As the Tories assemble today for their conference, in substantial disarray of their own making, nowhere have they screwed up so conclusively as in their policies towards women. The new Tory Minister for Women, Maria Miller, has just told us she’s keen to lower the abortion limit from 24 to 20 weeks. At least that’s […]

Hunt’s referral on ministerial code should be decided by Parliament, not PM

by Michael Meacher.

On the face of it the evidence for referring Hunt to the independent adviser on the Ministerial code seems overwhelming. Hunt has always maintained his role was “quasi-judicial”, i.e. he should act like a judge in keeping his distance from all interested parties and certainly not showing favour to one of them. Yet, almost incredibly, […]

How does one stop over-cosy relationships between politicians and media moguls?

by Michael Meacher.

Andy Coulson’s arrest for alleged perjury in the Tommy Sheridan trial isn’t just an embarrassment for Cameron. It raises a much wider and more difficult issue: how can a deeply insidious, unhealthy and toxic relationship between politicians and media proprietors – specifically the Tories (Thatcher), New Labour (Blair), the Tories again (Cameron) and Murdoch – […]

It’s not Hunt’s neck that’s now on the line, it’s Cameron’s

by Michael Meacher.

The evidence revealing the inappropriately close relationship between Cameron and News International in the run-up to the BSkyB bid gathered pace in the last two days with the appearance of Coulson and Brooks before Leveson. First, there was Cameron’s insouciance about hiring Coulson to No.10 without thorough checks on what he may have known about […]

Why should the PM control access to the independent adviser on ministerial interests?

by Michael Meacher.

What if Cameron refuses to refer the Hunt case to Sir Alex Allen, the independent adviser on ministerial interests? Not for the first time Parliament is hamstrung by the fact that under current procedures it is accepted that only the Prime Minister is empowered, whether on the conduct of a Minister or on a policy […]

Leveson chain reaction will reach No.10

by Michael Meacher.

In typically British Establishment manner Adam Smith, chief of staff to Jeremy Hunt, fell on his sword but not before uttering the the ritual words required to exculpate his master: “the content and extent of my contact (with News International) was done without authorisation from the Secretary of State”. Pull the other one. For over […]

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