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Tory jobs claims take a hammering

by Michael Meacher.

The Tories’ biggest economic claims (there are only two of them) are that they generated a recovery (after 18 months it’s already fading) and that they created a million private sector jobs. The latter claim is now under fire from all sides. First, it has just been reported by the thinktank Centre for Cities that […]

There’s a hole in his bucket

by Michael Meacher.

It is really bewildering how far the Tories continue to push supply-side economics, and are now preparing to do so yet again even though every such initiative has failed miserably, but deliberately ignore the open goal of demand-side economics. Osborne softened the Vickers bank reform package as a quid pro quo for the banks increasing […]

Put growth and jobs first

by Jon Lansman.

Ed Balls lost no time in attacking the government when the latest figures emerged showing a contraction of the economy in the last quarter, urging them to “urgently re-think their reckless plan to cut the deficit too far and too fast and start putting growth and jobs first.” Osborne’s reaction, however, is “we’re not going […]

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