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As Lamont resigns, only the independent voice of Scottish Labour can win

by Jon Lansman.

Johann Lamont’s resignation this morning opens up the possibility of a new future which Scottish Labour desperately needs. Its ver survival is at stake. It is an opportunity to declare the independence of Scottish Labour from Westminster, which it must do if it can again lead the Scottish people to a future that is in […]

Scottish Labour repositions itself to the left of the SNP

by Jon Lansman.

Though the swirling waters of the River Tay looked freezing, the sun shone on Scottish Labour’s conference in Perth this weekend. And inside the conference hall, delegates seemed more confident than last year. Not necessarily that they will win the vote on independence – there is no complacency there – nor that they have got […]

Grangemouth, class aggression and the ‘national interest’

by Stephen Low.

It is in ‘the national interest’ that Grangemouth remain open say the Scottish Government, refusing to countenance closure. They are however seemingly content with the idea that this be accomplished by the Ineos workforce sacrificing wages, pensions, redundancy terms and shift allowances. The national interest is being defined as the continuation of production at the […]

Johann Lamont shows how to be a union-friendly leader

by Jon Lansman.

Johann Lamont, the leader of the Scottish Labour Party, speaking to the annual conference of the train drivers’ union ASLEF in Edinburgh, delivered a clear message of support for trade union rights, trade union involvement in policy-making and policies that trade unions have been seeking. She said she didn’t – and no one should – […]

Scotland: at least Labour could oppose independence independently

by David Osler.

In a part of Britain in which the population still gets overly excited about the ideological alignments of its football clubs, the British flag is not just a neutral patriotic symbol. Thirteen-year-old Lee Heron was earlier this year sent home from his high school in Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, for wearing a Union Jack T-shirt his mum […]

Scottish Labour’s night of the long knives

by Jon Lansman.

Devolution within the UK Labour Party came alive this week at Labour’s John Smith House HQ in Glasgow when  Johann Lamont showed her mettle in a cull of senior  party figures. Party General Secretary since 2008, Colin Smyth, will leave his post shortly, he announced to staff this morning. Rami Okasha, the party’s head of […]

Left victory in Labour’s Scottish Leadership election

by Jon Lansman.

Johann Lamont, the Centre-Left candidate, has won the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party on the first ballot. Anas Sarwar, a vice-chair of Labour’s right-wing party-within-a-party Progress who only replaced his father as the MP for Glasgow Central last year, has been elected deputy-leader.

Nominations close in Scottish Labour leadership election

by Jon Lansman.

Nominations closed today in the contest for Leader and Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour, with three valid candidates for each contest Johann Lamont is narrowly ahead in nominations for the Leadership and both she and Davidson have also got the backing of the GMB, although Anas Sarwar is well ahead in nominations for the deputy […]

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