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Rod Liddle and the Economics of the Commentariat

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Apologies for the gratuitous Liddle shot. His latest piece in The Spectator is mercifully brief, although its short paragraphs condense the “iconoclastic” racism and anti-Islam bile we’ve come to expect. It’s pointless trying to take down the piece through reasoned argument because Rod is now well and truly hitched himself to the bandwagon of professional controversialists. So let’s take […]

Why the gentrification of journalism matters

by James Bloodworth.

Newspapers are in trouble. That much is clear. The Guardian and the Observer lost £44.2 million last year as growth in online revenue failed to match Guardian News & Media’s (GNM) investment. Last week GNM was even forced to issue a denial after it was claimed that print editions of its papers would soon be […]

Alexander Cockburn: the Christopher Hitchens who the left could love until the end

by Carl Packman.

Journalists are ten a penny today. Every other person you meet is one, in one sense or another. And that’s not because we all hang out in particularly meretricious settings with the haves (not the have-nots), but because we’re all writing, all giving our opinion, all setting the tone among our friends and beyond. That’s […]

Whatever Happened To Radical British Journalism?

by Mark Seddon.

And so to another inconvenient truth that should trouble anyone interested in the clash of ideas, real passion in journalism, polemic and a radicalism worthy of its name. Iconic, radical journalism is on life support in Britain. To that can be added bold, risk taking, analytical journalism and the depth that should come with it. […]

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